One Bulgaria EOOD is a telecom system integrator delivering services exclusively to licensed communication service providers.

The company has been established in 2001 and has customers around the globe, namely Netherlands, Belgium, India, Kuwait, France, etc.

One Bulgaria provides a focused product and services portfolio that enables service providers to achieve uniqueness in their offerings and distinguish significantly amongst competition.
As a system integrator we are effectively partnering with a large number of renowned vendors like Cisco, Juniper, HP,  Persy, etc… some acknowledged niche players and whenever necessary we also do in-house development.!



Our products are extremely scalable and allow a high degree of customization to meet all requirements and enhance the business of our customers. Our services are based on the specific needs of each particular client, this helping them to boost the perceived value and loyalty of their own end customers.

Long term relations are the most important one in our corporate standards and we know that long-term is nourished by every day accomplishments. We take it personally and we believe that as long as we care for and support you to develop your own business we are successful.