PicoIP is a new generation integrated IP module.




  • Monitoring network
  • Restart (automatically or manually) a blocking network equipment (modems, wireless devices) or central power systems
  • Measurement
  • Voltage
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Condition of batteries
  • Alarm systems configuration by Ip (Paradox)
  • Automatic control and management over the Internet
  • etc...

Key Functions:

  • Ultra-compact design (43h55mm)
  • 10Mb Ethernet interface with the Link / Activity LED indicator
  • LED indicator for different functions
  • Switching power supply module - high efficiency over a wide range of input voltage
  • Protection against reverse power-up
  • Low power consumption (<50mA/12V)
  • Additional connector 12B, allowing power from the jack to transfer to another card (with embedded PicoIP) to other systems
  • Wide supply voltage range: 7.5 - 25VDC
  • Standard protocols: ARP, IP, ICMP (ping), SNMP v1, Web, TFTP
  • Fully configurable via SNMP requests - IP, MAC, VLAN ...
  • Support for 802.1q VLAN tagged packets
  • Protecting access to two MAC addresses
  • Enable access to the Web / SNMP only from certain IP network
  • Intelligent "Ping timeout" restart function of an external device
  • Easy integration into SmartSwitch / CleverSwitch/NMGS4P1F/NMGS5Pv2 full control devices
  • Additional modes - "Skip broadcast"
  • Monitoring of remote address by PING
  • 2x8 digital input / output
  • 1x8 composite analog or digital inputs with 10bit ADC (voltage 0-3.3V)
  • Special System port to connect with SmartSwitch / CleverSwitch additional signals
  • Embedded WEB server for access to all parameters / functions
  • Extended set of SNMP commands to access I / O ports
  • Genererine output analog signals in certain events
  • TFTP client to update the system software
  • ... specific functions in the user query

Customers using Pico Ip.