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After several years of research and development for "IPTV", One Bulgaria decide that this service has very specific requirements and in no way can be compared with other telecommunications service.

The problem’s of the choice of hardware vendors and the availability of qualified personnel who can manage and maintain this service is outside the budget of many  telecoms operators.

It is obvious that today "the operator" must have a portfolio of products as "3 in 1" and continue to be able to:

  • be an active market.
  • to compete with market leaders.
  • to ensure its future to its shareholders.

After this unpleasant conclusion, we realized that our partners are a real threat to its existence. Realizing this, One Bulgaria entered a research and development of this service by the following rule, "We must create this product, allowing complete freedom of operators." For this we offer services to its partners with opportunities:

  • Integration of new channels.
  • sharing of channels between operators.
  • support and maintenance 24/24 7/7
  • share of operating costs.
  • grouping between operators for the purchase of Set Top Boxes.
  • sharing of rights to channels.
  • Further development of this service.
  • No obligation to purchase the equipment from us. (For example, servers, Set Top Box, satellite dish, etc. ..)

In other words, the operator cares only for sales of this product under their logo or the logo of the distributor. This allows operators to have weight in the negotiations for the operating rights of channels present in their bouquets.