End of Live: December 2014

VBCS allows efficient mediation of even the largest traffic volumes. Thanks to advanced development and the compatibility of Cisco Voice Gateways, VBCS facilitates interconnection between VoIP networks.  

Who is it for?

This solution is recommended for:

  • VoIP carriers
  • Exchange carriers looking to offer global call coverage
  • Wholesale carriers wishing to interconnect with any SIP or H.323 based VoIP network, Video calls, SS7.
  • Wholesale VoIP providers
  • Companies with a complex network infrastructure
  • Companies planning to provide "Hosted billing and switching solutions"

How does it work?

VBCS provides a single centralized point of management for an entire network.

This includes remote control, configuration and monitoring of all elements, as well as provisioning capabilities. VBCS enables traffic originators and terminators alike to make use of a powerful, feature-rich self-care interface.
Call management is completely centralized, VBCS is recognizing all active calls passing through it.
Real-time Call Detail Records are automatically sent to one central location from both the originating and terminating points.

Features and Benefits:

With  VBCS, carriers can offer Multi services to affiliate service providers worldwide.

  • Increasing flexibility
  • Recording calls / videoconference calls by conditions, by ip (s), called number (s), calling number (s),  by request on call, etc..
  • Multi Services
  • Wholesales
  • Calling Cards
  • Callshops
  • Callback
  • Residentiel

Multi Partition (unlimited)

  • Operators (resellers with own prices and routing)
  • Agent (resellers with own prices)
  • End users

Real time Billing
Flexible rating
Multiple business models
Prepaid and postpaid service
Financial Reports

  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Revenue

Statistics (acd - ner - asr)

  • per destination
  • per carrier
  • per client
  • etc..

Country definition

  • Time City
  • Translation Rules for Calling and Called party
  • Multiple Currency

Multiple Routing

  • per account
  • per service
  • per authorization
  • per prefix
  • per port(s)
  • by time

Taxations (from, pulse)
Cdr's in real time
All VoIP protocol's connections

Hardware Supported,

  • All Cisco's Voice Gateways
  • One or more gateway's

see cisco site